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This is an amazing book! It has incredible information in it to help you to stop picking selfish short-term thinkers. It is truly a must-read! –
Chasity Grant

This book was way heavier and meatier than I anticipated. Lots of great advice and information contained in short bite-size chapters. I truly believe, if you follow the advice in this book, your love life would vastly improve! –

I have been doing dating all wrong. This book has changed the way I think about dating and relationships. I feel so much more confident now after reading this book. Like I got my power back that I lost. –

No More Assholes: Your 7-Step Guide to Saying Goodbye to Guys and Finding the Real Man You’re Looking For

Chantal Heide, the leading voice in Conscious Dating, helps singles hit the refresh button in the dating world with her sound advice and techniques offered up in No More Assholes.

Through simple explanations and anecdotal stories, learn the science of attraction and human behaviour, avoid dating pitfalls, and attract the ideal relationship you want faster. Chantal leads ground-breaking seminars designed to teach women how to connect with themselves and others, including the kind of partner who will treat them with the utmost love and respect.

Her seven steps are invaluable tools for life, not just dating. You’ll gain a greater sense of your own true worth and increased confidence in knowing how to communicate what you want in a relationship, without the fear of sounding needy or unrealistic. From getting over an ex to conflict resolution once you meet the right person, Chantal teaches you how to find and keep a loving relationship that will satisfy your soul.

She helps you understand human behaviour and recognize our amazing ability to create a fulfilling spiritual connection. Chantal skillfully sets you on a path of intimacy with yourself and teaches you how to engage with others in a way that opens the door to a deeply loving and lasting relationship. If you’re looking for a book that will enrich your love life “for life,” this is the one!

You will learn and be given effective strategies to…

  • Navigate the Dating World With Confidence
  • Make Informed Decisions When Dating
  • Avoid Dating Pitfalls & Traps
  • Separate MEN From GUYS
  • Attract Your Ideal Relationship
  • Overcome Past Wounds
  • Elevate Your Confidence

You will get the following files:
  • EPUB (354KB)
  • PDF (2MB)