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AUDIOBOOK Fix That Shit - A Couples Guide To Getting Past The Sticky Stuff

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Motivational Speaker Chantal Heide helped you pick the right partner in No More Assholes, taught you how to keep little things from becoming big issues in After The First Kiss, and is now here to help unpack the emotional baggage you’ve been lugging around before it becomes a destructive force.

Filled with the advice you need to rise above the drama and become the emotional leader in your relationship, Chantal teaches you how to care for yourself and develop the ability to help your partner unpack too. You’ll create a relationship fortified against pain and fear and free from the fights that develop from misunderstandings and set the example for lasting, functional love.

Whether you’re just starting out and seeking to avoid downward spirals or dealing with struggles that are decades old, you’ll learn the tools that help you calm your minds, avoid conflicts, communicate effectively, and come together with love and intimacy even after the biggest fights.

It’s never too early or too late to break through hurt and anger and keep the magic of love at your fingertips. Are you ready to savour the happiest relationship you’ve ever experienced, filled with joy and appreciation? Then this is the guide for you.

"This author change my perspective in life. If you’re in a relationship and are feeling insecure or bicker ALOT I highly reccomend this book to you. This book saved me from my negative thoughts" ~ Christina

"This singlehandedly changed my life. This is by far the best book I have ever read. I can not recommend it enough, I suffered from abandonment anxiety, constant fighting, anxiety, stress, and trust issues in a relationship. BUY IT NOW. Chantal is amazing, she reads my mind and I trust her wisdom and judgment so much. TRUST ME, I fought with my partner for years in our hs relationship, we got back tg in college years later, never thought we ever would, and it was so much better but still had issues and fights but it is by far the best relationship I have ever been in and I am so thankful for this book." ~ J.

"I'm in the middle of reading this book, and I have already started to see a change in myself as an individual, and my relationship with my boyfriend. I'm learning to let go of my insecurities, and the book is helping me better understand my boyfriend, bringing us much closer to each other than before. I love how this book is written; it's easy to read & it feels like a caring friend is guiding you through the ups and downs in your relationship. The examples in it are very relatable, so it's comforting to know that so many other women are going through the same things as you." ~ Lauran Hurtado

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