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All Your Modern Dating & Relationship Solutions — in 4 Best-Selling Books

Where there’s a heart of love, there will always be healing. It’s time to begin a new romantic life with love, happiness, and 4 life-changing relationship books!

A collection of four extraordinary books that will revolutionize the way you approach relationships.

Meticulously crafted to address every stage of your relationship journey, ensuring you have the tools and insights you need, no matter where you are.

Comeback Queen

You will learn and be given effective strategies to…

  • Heal Your Heart After Divorce / Break Up
  • Purge Your Pain & Move Forward
  • Liberate Your Mind From The Grip Of Your Ex
  • Transform Setbacks Into Comebacks
  • Cultivate A High Self-Esteem
  • Reenter The Dating Scene With Confidence & Purpose
  • Take Control Of Your Dating Journey

No More Assholes

You will learn and be given effective strategies to…

  • Navigate the Dating World With Confidence
  • Make Informed Decisions When Dating
  • Avoid Dating Pitfalls & Traps
  • Separate MEN From GUYS
  • Attract Your Ideal Relationship
  • Overcome Past Wounds
  • Elevate Your Confidence

After The First Kiss

You will learn and be given effective strategies to…

  • Effectively Navigate the First Year of a New Relationship
  • Set a Strong Foundation From the Very Start
  • Unpack Emotional Baggage & Leave Past Hurts Behind
  • Communicate & Resolve Conflict
  • Create a Bulletproof Relationship
  • Deepen Intimacy & Connection
  • Prime Your Relationship For Success

Fix That Shit

You will learn and be given effective strategies to…

  • Repair & Transform Your Relationship
  • Ease Your Mind & Gain Control Over Your Emotions
  • Empower You To Be The Best Version Of Yourself
  • Find Inner Peace In The Midst Of Turmoil
  • Efficiently Create Peace & Love
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Avoid Fights Forever
  • Quickly Resolve Conflict When It Arises
  • Accelerate Relationship Healing
  • Reignite Love, Intimacy, & Connection
  • Create Functional and Healthy Love

Chantal’s advice has improved not only my relationship but every single aspect of my life. This woman is worth her weight in gold. I give her advice and recommend her books to every woman I know.
– Sarah Garcia

Chantal is extraordinary. Her books are jam-packed with valuable takeaways that will actually help you take yourself, and your relationships to the next level.  Noha Tarabain

Chantal has several books that are not just about dating, but also about healing our hearts, building confidence, resolving conflict, and enjoying ourselves and our partners. Life is about learning, living and loving. Let Chantal help guide you to the happy life you deserve. – Kathleen Holmes

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  • EPUB (660KB)
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