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Her advice is life changing! Read several of her books and watch her videos and lives. She wants to help others improve themselves and spends so much of her time spreading positivity. Follow her advice and you can have a beautiful healthy relationship.

— Bre Alana

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Chantal is amazing! She has helped me so much through her TikTok lives, her videos, and her books. I have 2 of her books, currently reading “No More Assholes” and it’s great! Such good advice and I love all the analogies she uses to help the reader understand her points. She’s made me realize behaviors that I’ve done in the past that were toxic, and by watching her I feel like I am such a better person & will be a great partner with the next person I date. I 1000% recommend!

— Vanessa J

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Like a breath of fresh air, a hot bath and a shot of morphine simultaneously. She gives honest, no holds barred advice with compassion and patience. In the middle of reading her book “Fix That Sh*t” and I plan on rereading it when I’m through so I can be sure to absorb every wise word. True life experience, honesty, and sage advice is what you can expect. I wish I could clone her and have my own Chantal with me at all times. She’s a real treasure!

— L W

Chantal Heide No More Assholes

Books That Work

You know that person you wish you'd med years ago, because they would have helped you avoid so many disasters? That's me.

If you're ready to finally use the easy way, let's do this. Your happiness is waiting for you!

About Chantal Heide

Giving frustrated, lost, and hopeless romantics like you the tools and coaching you need to transform your relationship into long-lasting bliss!

The Mission: Teach. Create. Spread Love.

After decades of decoding the Human Condition, Chantal is now going mainstream, helping even more singles find lasting love, and showing couples how to maintain relationships filled with the type of magic that only happens when fights STOP.

Chantal has studied Philosophy in Montreal, Social Sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Biology) in Waterloo, and Inner Peace with spiritual gurus from Montreal, to the Mountains of Mexico City.

Her advice resonates long after her sessions, and when she teaches groups, everyone comes away with something valuable. The power of her advice lies in combining sound, scientifically backed logic with an astute understanding of how people interact.

Chantal is a firm believer in the healing power of love and finds joy teaching how to achieve deep, intimate connections within oneself and with others.

All her clients report significant increases in their sense of peace, happiness, and clarity within the first two weeks… and that satisfaction only improves from there!

Techniques you’ll use to achieve relationship goals will naturally create improvements on multiple levels, including in work and family life.

Experiences Elevated from Disastrous to Blissful

Chantal’s core lessons stem from insights into three elements of the human experience: our biological animal, our logical mind, and our spiritual essences. It’s from this wealth of knowledge that Chantal teaches the road map for uncovering what it is you’re really looking for in a relationship.

After all, Chantal maintains a solid and joyful (fight free!) marriage with her husband Dennis.

She also attracts those with a deep commitment to creating meaningful relationships, and her clients often become part of her ripple effect.

Passing on what her clients have learned and continuing the expansion of functional love, one of her greatest joys is found in the words “I got my (friend, sister, etc) to follow your advice, and it helped them!”

When she’s not writing articles and books, meditating, delivering dynamic talks, and attending book signings, she’s engaged in dance and music therapy, journaling, yoga, spending quality time with her husband and strong tribe of women, and enjoying the countryside with her expressive fur babies!

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