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No More Assholes + Comeback Queen E-BOOK Bundle

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No More Assholes:Your 7-Step Guide to Saying Goodbye to Guys and Finding the Real Man You’re looking For

I help you understand human behavior and recognize our amazing ability to create a fulfilling spiritual connection.

Through simple explanations and anecdotal stories, you can:

■ Learn the science of attraction and human behavior.
■ Avoid dating pitfalls.
■ Attract the ideal relationship you want faster.

You’ll gain a greater sense of your own true worth and increased confidence knowing how to communicate what you want in a relationship, without fear of sounding needy or unrealistic.

I skillfully set you on a path of intimacy with yourself and teach you how to engage with others in a way that opens the door to a deeply loving and lasting relationship.

From getting over an ex to conflict resolution, once you meet the right person, I teach you how to find and keep a loving relationship that will satisfy your soul.

If you’re looking for a book that will enrich your love life “for life,” this is the one!

Comeback Queen:Make a Triumphant Return to Dating After Divorce


Divorce isn’t a setback. It’s a wake-up call that the right man is still out there, waiting for you. Don’t let a broken heart keep you from finding him. It’s time to repair your heart and soul, purge your ex from your psyche, and get back on the dating wagon again.

Learn how to shed hurt and anger so you don’t infect future relationships, how to rebuild self-esteem and redefine yourself, and how to step back into the dating world with confidence and the ability to attract the right partner.

In this fun and informative book, you’ll discover:

■ Steps to heal your heart and know your worth.
■ Strategies to stop the spinning “why’s” and calm your mind.
■ Dating rules that let you stay in control going forward.

Grieving the end of a relationship is never fun. But it can be over faster, if you have the right information…

Grab your tea, your jammies, and this book for inner healing.

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