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Break Free From Heartache & Disappointment

Are you tired of repeating the same cycle of negative dating experiences?

Do you find yourself attracting the wrong type of men over and over again?

It’s time to break free from these patterns and discover the love and respect you deserve.

The No More Assholes Course

is your definitive guide to liberating yourself from toxic dating patterns and cultivating a healthy and fulfilling relationship with the RIGHT person.

Say goodbye to situationships.

This course is an expansion of ‘No More Assholes’, the stand-alone BEST-SELLING dating book of our generation that has started a revolution among 800,000+ individuals worldwide.

It takes a revolutionary and unconventional approach to dating, delving into the psychology of relationships and empowering women to break free from toxic patterns to create healthier relationships.

What You'll Learn:

Unveil the Science of Attraction

Discover the hidden dynamics of human behaviour and the science behind what draws us together. You will learn to manipulate that science to your advantage and make informed decisions to navigate the dating world confidently.

Overcome Past Wounds

Whether you’re struggling to get over an ex or dealing with unresolved conflicts, you will be guided through the process of healing and finding closure. You’ll gain the strength and resilience to move forward and create space for new love to enter your life.

Identify & Break Negative Patterns

Gain insights into the recurring behaviors and patterns that have hindered your past dating experiences. Learn to recognize these patterns and break free from their hold.

Separate MEN From GUYS

Discover who truly deserves your time, energy, and love. You’ll learn how to identify the qualities, traits, and values of a MAN while weeding out the GUYS who won’t stick around long enough to get to know who you are.

Build Emotional Resilience

Develop the emotional intelligence needed to weather the ups and downs of the dating journey. Be prepared to say goodbye to situationships, as you will become immune to the hurt and disappointment associated with failed dating ventures.

Cultivate Self-Love

Foster a deep sense of self-love and self-respect that forms the foundation of a healthy relationship. Learn how to prioritize your own needs and well-being and attract a partner who respects and values you as much as you do.

Navigate The Dating World

Whether you’re dating in person or online, you’ll learn the best methods and tips to ensure success and attract the best prospects.

Boost Self-Confidence

Through empowering exercises and activities, you will discover your unique strengths and qualities, enabling you to approach dating with confidence.

New Level of Intimacy

Explore the art of vulnerability and meaningful conversation and unlock an entirely new tier of intimacy, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Explore techniques for setting and enforcing boundaries that honor your values and protect your emotional well-being. You’ll learn to say no to societal pressures and unrealistic imaginary timelines. You’ll learn to focus on building a foundation of trust and integrity before diving into a relationship.

Conflict Resolution

Learn preventative conflict resolution and communication techniques to set your future relationship up for success. Build a foundation of understanding, empathy, trust, emotional intimacy, and respect with your potential partner.

Beta-Test Reviews

“The No More Assholes course changed my dating experience. I finally found someone who treats me right and who shares my values.”

— Cartier J, France

“I was about to give up on men and dating until I was given the opportunity to take the No More Assholes course. I am shocked at how easy dating is if you have the right knowledge. It’s been a game-changer for me.”

— Tess R, Vancouver


Backed by decades of research & experience.

This course offers practical strategies and effective techniques to navigate communication challenges, fuel emotional intimacy, and reignite the spark in your relationship.

VIP Course Features:

  • 7x WEEKLY Group Coaching Sessions

    Weekly group coaching sessions with Relationship Expert, Chantal Heide, via Zoom every Tuesday at 8 PM (ET)!

  • 1x One-on-One Coaching Session

    You'll also receive the opportunity to have a 1:1 coaching session with Chantal. Have your burning questions answered and develop a tailored plan suited to your needs and concerns.

  • Multidimensional Learning Experience

    With over 60 exercises and activities, the No More Assholes Course caters to all learning styles. Whether you prefer reading PDFs, listening to audio recordings, watching videos (with subtitles), or engaging in practical activities, this course has got you covered.

  • Expertly Crafted

    Renowned Relationship Expert & Author, Chantal Heide, will guide you through this journey with her 30+ years of experience and research. With a fanbase of over 800,000 individuals worldwide, her techniques and advice have transformed the relationships of countless couples and singles.

  • Comprehensive Approach

    The No More Assholes Course takes a holistic approach to dating by addressing the root causes of all negative dating experiences and provides practical solutions for lasting change.

  • Guaranteed Results

    There is a 100% guarantee that this course will help improve your dating odds and find the right man for you.

  • Coaching Session Replays

    If you can't make it to the group sessions, don't fret! You'll have access to ALL session replays.

  • BONUS MODULE: Fix That Shit Course

    You will receive a free module from the Fix That Shit Course!

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

    If you're unsatisfied, you are entitled to a FULL REFUND within 15 DAYS of purchase.




Pay only $50 a week for 6 Months!

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You’ll be equipped with the functional tools to break through the hurt and anger once and for all.

Don’t let misunderstandings and conflicts ruin your relationship. Take control of your love life and embark on a journey to create a fight-free relationship filled with all the love you could imagine.

About Chantal Heide

Giving frustrated, lost, and hopeless romantics like you the tools and coaching you need to transform your relationship into long-lasting bliss!

Her advice resonates long after her sessions, and when she teaches groups, everyone comes away with something valuable. The power of her advice lies in combining sound, scientifically backed logic with an astute understanding of how people interact.

Chantal’s core lessons stem from insights into three elements of the human experience: our biological animal, our logical mind, and our spiritual essences.

It’s from this wealth of knowledge that Chantal teaches the road map for uncovering what it is you’re really looking for in a relationship.

After all, Chantal maintains a solid and joyful (fight-free!) marriage with her husband.